Six Tips For Sustainable Living

The Echo Project outdoor music festival in Atlanta, GA, is devoted to creating awareness about climate change and sustainable living practices. If you are truly a green consumer, than you undoubtedly know about the benefits of a sustainable home.

You may even live in a sustainable development housing community, and faithfully kitchen compost and take sustainable showers. If so, then you should be proud of your commitment and contributions towards the protection of our dwindling natural resources. Regardless of how eco friendly you or your home or lifestyle may be, however, here are six tips to help you lead a more sustainable, eco friendly life.

Tip One Use public transportation and bike whenever possible. One third of all traffic is made up of commuters, so it makes sense to use alternative transportation whenever possible. If driving is a necessity, you can still drive more slowly, which will cut down on emissions and also reduce the wear and tear on your tires.

Tip Two Save water. You may already be implementing water saving practices in your home, but did you know that watering your lawn at night or in the early morning is an effortless way to conserve. This is because the typically hotter temperatures of midday create more evaporation of water. Another way to conserve outside water is to plant drought tolerant garden plants, which require less water by design.

Tip Three Stop Smoking. This is a good idea for a myriad of health reasons, but can also help to create a more eco friendly home environment. Secondhand smoke releases harmful, carcinogenic chemicals into the air, which are dangerous for both the environment, and the people you live with.

Tip Four Keep cats indoors. Domestic cats are still hunters by nature, and it is estimated that these pets kill on average, about forty birds per year, per cat. This affects the natural predator/prey relationship as well as the reproductive habits of ground nesting birds.
Tip Five Eat less meat.

Tropical forests are being cut down everyday to create grazing land for cattle and facilitate the growth of the meat industry. Try replacing meat with tofu or seitan in just one meal a week to start, and then gradually add more vegetarian alternatives to your diet once you and your family become accustomed to them.

Tip Six Plant your own tree. Trees store CO2 and produce the oxygen that we all need to survive, and planting a tree is the perfect way to leave a lasting legacy of eco consciousness to your future generations.

Sustainable living is not a difficult thing to practice. A few simple changes to your daily life and routine now will result in both a healthier environment and a healthier you.

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